This One Is For My Love

Music is like water.


It quenches the soul, cools scorching days,

Calms frenzied minds, plays heart’s candy,

Powers the being;

Music sustains.


Lullabies to dirges,

Music remains.


Walkmans to discotheques,

Bhimsen Joshi to Pink Floyd,

Soothing ghazals to brisk songs of protest;

Iceland to Tahiti,

Music remains,

Ever so personal.

Ever the universal.


Expressing what words cannot –

Hope, anguish, elation, hunger, freedom.


Music captures – and – music sets you free.

*****     *****     *****    *****    *****      *****


2 thoughts on “This One Is For My Love

  1. Awesome and just the pick me up I needed on a Monday. I particularly enjoyed the Chaiyya Chaiyya and have sent it to Tom; he loves his ghazals. Pls pls do send on more music – I’m ALWAYS looking for new tunes to fill my kitchen while writing. HHXX

    • Glad you liked it Helen! Chaiyya chaiyya is an absolute fav of mine too. Of course the music is catchy and dancing fantastic, but more than that it’s what it means/says.

      Written by a very gifted Indian writer/poet called Gulzar, it’s one of the most beautiful poems of love, whereby in true Sufi tradition the beloved is spoken of as God and God spoken of as lover. It is written in Urdu (a language spoken in North India.) I’ll send you some more songs that you can play in your kitchen while to cook those yummy Malay curries. Xx

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