The Art of Distress

Having taken up painting a tad more seriously, I’ve been busy experimenting. It’s because of this I haven’t delved deeply into any particular style and instead am trying a variety, one by one.

And so this – a contemporary piece – an abstract painting.


Unrepentantly angular. Blues, brown and golds. Pretty damn distressed. In fact, it was fun distressing it. You see, this painting has been constructed in layers: layers of molding paste, glazes, washes, colors. I’d paint a layer and scratch it randomly with the pointed back of a brush. So while the picture above may not show it, this canvass looks really worked upon.  Love that effect!



The plan is to paint similar canvases in different colors & put them up as a set of 4 or 6. This tiny art gallery guy has been hankering me for something a while now and so this is what it shall be.

Mediums used: Moulding paste, acrylics, pens, gold rub n buff, gold leaf.


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