Time Flies

Of late, I’ve been completely taken in by mixed media. Therefore, most of what I create tends to involve more than mere paints, brushes and a canvas. Unorthodox, free-flowing options of this style are very appealing. This post is about a piece completed sometime back. It’s called Time Flies.

This is how it started – a white canvas with randomly thrown in baked clay dragonflies, clockwork parts and ball chains.

Once the basic idea started taking shape, here’s what went down:

1) Using acrylic colors, the canvas was painted with blues, greens and browns.

2) Background ready, I worked with a clock works stamp, black archival ink, vellum paper and stamping on the paper ensued. Once through, I ripped it roughly into pieces – pieces that were then pasted across parts of the canvas.

3) Then, on beds of moulding paste (for sculpted texture), dragonflies, metal clock works and ball chains were perched; their placement – largely instinctive.

4) Once the textured background and dragonflies were painted to my heart’s satisfaction, tiny metallic clock works were glued on dragonfly wings. Following this was detailing their colors and patterns.

5) With most of the big stuff done, it was time for the small touches that lift the final delivery – buffing with gold, touching colors, adding/subtracting details etc etc.

The result is attached below. It really was so much fun to do. I learnt A LOT and can’t wait to do another one soon. 🙂

 [I’m (obviously) not trained in art, so most of what I learn is online. A mixed media artist I admire immensly is @RachO113. This canvas & the techniques deployed for it are inspired by her]



9 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. Sheer bundle of joy….bliss…DIVYA…Both my children r on creative tracks!!! Can’t be a more proud father than me.
    And U! u tou are a poet, philosopher, artist…THIS IS POETRY ON CANVAS.
    Luv u beta, keep it up.
    A proud PAPA

  2. Hi didi! ( I hope I can address you this way). This is Yashika this side. Well, I am so amazed at what i just saw, so all other things can follow later. I want to tell you that I already knew that coming from Uncle’s daughter it would be something worthwhile, but i honestly did not know that it would be this splendid. You are simply amazing. And who says you are a learner! Your art will make so many others learn from it. This is a beautiful painting. Although i dont acquaint myself that much with painting, but i think this one is no less than a masterpiece. 🙂 🙂 Please dont leave your brush! 🙂 🙂 i will catch you on other things via e-mail.:) 🙂

    • Thanks so much Yashika. I’m glad you enjoyed it. If a piece of art imparts someone/anyone with joy, it’s done it’s work 🙂 Your comments are way too kind, but I truly appreciate all the ecouragement. Take care & we will catch up via email.

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