Bani Thani

Kishangarh, about 27 kms from Ajmer, was founded in 1611 by Kishan Singh a Rathore prince. The town is home to one of India’s most famous schools of minituate paintings: Kishangarh School.

The greatest patron of Kishangarh art was Raja Satwant Singh. He was himself a painter and poet who fell in love with a court singer Bani Thani. She subsequently became his mistress. It is said that the famous Kishangarh Radha is made in her likeness (lotus-eyed woman had long been the Rajput ideal of feminine beauty.)

The paintings belonging to Rajas of Kishangarh were first seen by the outside world in the 1940s. Some of these exquisite masterpieces are now on view at the National Museum, New Delhi.

This attempt at Bani Thani marks my first painting with vegetable dyes. It is also the first time I have attempted miniature art (*and* my first work on commission!). I can only imagine the levels of patience masters of miniature must have had, because feeding in all the details is not easy.. and that’s putting it mildly 🙂
[Info on Kishangarh sourced from]

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