The Effervescence of Spring

A stalwart soldier comes, the spring,

Who bears the bow of Love;

And on that bow, the lustrous string

Is made of bees, that move

With malice as they speed the shaft

Of blossoming mango-flower

At us, dear, who have never laughed

At love, nor scorned his power.


Their blossom-burden weights the trees;

The winds in fragrance move;

The lakes are bright with lotuses,

The women bright with love;

The days are soft, the evenings clear

And charming; everything

That moves and lives and blossoms, dear,

Is sweeter in the spring.


The groves are beautifully bright

For many and many a mile

With jasmine-flowers that are as white

As loving woman’s smile:

The resolution of a saint

Might well be tried by this;

Far more, young hearts that fancies paint

With dreams of loving bliss.

~ Kalidas ~ (Translated from Sanskrit)

The painting above depicts the effervescence of spring. Spread over two canvases, this large piece was made (obviously) during a joyous burst of hope+happiness brought on by the advent of spring 2012.
Working this was fun.
Firstly, I’ve never done anything as bright; and having two super-bright-yellow canvases stare back at me everyday was pretty-damn-daunting. However, each metaphor related to spring that came dancing to the mind as I went along, brought with it not just yellow, but a splash of almost every color. 
Secondly, conceptualizing these canvases with sea-shells (butterflies and flowers), glass beads (butterfly antennae) and glass bits (clouds) alongside gold, acrylic and oil paint was another first and an interesting one at that. 🙂 
The painting doesnt picture very well since it is really bright, but what the hell… summer is here and it’s about time I put up something topical, done a month ago.

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