Drops and Oceans

Turquoise blue waters of Hawaii (Our trip to Oahu 2010)

There is something about Water, there just is.

The sea for instance, imparts me joyous spirit and rest, all at the same time. Growing up in Bombay I remember walking down to a beach nearby to celebrate or ricochet from just about any emotion – happiness, anxiety, curiosity, restlessness, melancholy, you name it. It is therapy, sitting on rocks and tracing undulating waves in your mind. Or after dark, taking in sparkly yellow lights jutting seamlessly from city buildings into the waters. Vast sea that claims its place; whether grey Arabian or turquoise Caribbean, I’m partial to none.

Versova Beach, Bombay, about 7 years back

Sunset over Lake Geneva / Alps 2005

Rivers perennial or seasonal, come with their unique charm. Recall being struck by muddy reddish-brown roaring rivers in Kerela while driving from Cochin to Munnar in monsoons. Those waters had me not just enthralled but also a bit worried about the little houses nearby. But of course the denizens are used to their noisy neighbor and want it just so.

Arti’s at Har ki Paudi in river Ganges, Haridwar are achingly beautiful. Say what you may about the multitudes and filth, this spectacle of millions of bobbing diyas floating away on peaceful dark waters is cathartic.

As I write this, I’m sitting by a river in New York and I do so often. Watching huge barges, ships, speedboats, sailboats make their way thru the greenish grey waters. Used to do the same when living in Switzerland; watch Lake Geneva change its mood, color, visage. Sunrises, sunsets, children playing, dogs walking.

Monsoons, rain drops, dew, waterfalls, lakes, backwaters, dams, reservoirs, quick showers, relaxed baths.

They. Just. Feels. Like. Peace.

Water refreshes, calms, invites, cools, intimidates, loves, quenches. My drink of choice.

Brilliant Colors of Puerto Rico 2011

Sprinkles and Summer, NYC 2010

Lake Geneva, Switzerland 2006


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