Art Vs Fart

MF Husain’s paintings were taken off on the first day of  India Art Summit, New Delhi. The reason for this was the same old, same old  (yawn). Right wingers, screaming nonsense at their horrid best.

Thankfully, the paintings are back on display today.

Two questions that beg to be answered are

  • Who made these idiots upholders of my faith’s morality?
  • Do they understand Hinduism at all? What it has stood for, represented over centuries of its evolution?

Actually, leave aside these guys, religious fanatics belonging to any faith are equally culpable.

The reason is: Power. Power, at the heart of any religious bigot’s overtures. Power, that comes with moulding people’s minds and guiding them as in a herd.

Unfortunately, along the way all of us and very often artists become soft targets.



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